What Pops?!

Summer – the season of (hopefully no) mists and (much) fruitfulness…and lollipops. Yum.

Lollipops are summer on a stick so if you’re planning a garden party in the sunshine why don’t you take some inspiration from the fruity stick of refreshing-ness (new word ahoy!) and serve all your food on sticks!


There are many a plus point to food stuffs on sticks but i shall mention only one:

1. It looks awesome

and yes, that is a Daniel Craig ice lolly. Sexy, isn’t it. —>






Hows about a Pie Pop?!

I lurve pies. Fact. Before now I didn’t think there was any elegant way of eating them and was thus content on just shoving it in my face and resulting filling all down my top. HOWEVER, hello pie on a stick!

You can fill these guys with anything you fancy. Make them sweet (fill them with apple?) or make them savoury (fill them with cheese?). Theres a (kind of) step – by – step how to guide here, although there is no pastry ingredients listed. However, you can easily find a pastry recipe or click here for Delia’s shortcrust recipe!

Cake Pops

 Courtesy of Bakerella these cake pops are too sweet! Plus if you can manage to limit yourself to only a couple they are alot more friendly on the summer swimsuit figure than that Vienetta giving you the eye in your freezer (we’ve all got one). First, make a cake (either from scratch or buy a pack or if you’re super busy (/lazy) buy a ready made sponge). Then smoosh it all up in a bowl and mix it together with some cream cheese. Roll the mush into balls and pop onto lollipop sticks. Put them in the fridge to cool for a few hours. Roll them in your melted chocolate of choice and leave to cool. Then eat!


I haven’t eaten a corndog but from what I gather they are pretty much sausages in batter. I am a sausage in batter fan so these look pretty good to me. Plus Laura said they’re delicious. Here is a handy Youtube video on how to make your own! I’m a fan of the tattooed demo hand – hardcore.

Shots of soup

I know these arn’t on a stick but I had to include them – shot glasses of soup with a tiny cheesy toast to dip in! These look so summery and would be an unusual way to serve a really easy garden party food.

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