Sustainable Arts and Crafts, anyone?

Having a sort out often throws up vast piles of rubbish that isn’t quite rubbish – stuff that you know there must be a use for somewhere, but can’t quite work it out. How about making a corsage?!


Ok, so this is only tenuously linked to party theory. However, only a FOOL would dare attend a party without wearing a cosage, right? Right?! Ah, what do you know anyway. This is my attempt at making a corsage…


It’s made up from a very odd variety of old things that had acumulated. The rose at the top there was a cake decoaration, the lace was from a pajama set that I didn’t like, the ribbon was from a pen that was a gift, the gold cord is the handle from a broken gift bag, and the string of pearls are from a box of about 500 that I picked up from a car boot some time last year for 50p.

Obviously, it’s not the designer floral beast SJP wore in the first Sex and the City, but that woman(imaginary or otherwise) has never known the joy of a bargain, or free fashion accessory (unless you count the spangly knickers from the Fashion show in “The Real Me” – sources are out on whether or not she got to keep the awesome blue coat). This is about turning your hand to a bit of art and craft and getting a little bit of Blue Peter awesome in your lifes. Probably to wear to a party!

Hippie Boho Chic (apologies for the emo style mirror photo - I would never normally sully your eyes with it but there was no one around)

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