Cake of the Week #39 – Political Cupcakes with a shock result!

Britain has faffed about on a national scale this year, and no one has won our election. The Queen is now in an awkward spot, and our plans for a Red/Yellow/Blue themed CotW are smashed to smithereens – a hung parliament has grave repercussions for all! Always thinking on our feet in a crisis though, we found these instead!

Cliccy the Piccy!

Brought to you by the awesome Cakehole London, these cuppity cakes come in dozens, and are a sweeter way of making your affiliations known than defacing posters and putting fugly signs up in your garden. Not the only politicups out there, mind you! Supermarket ASDA also sold their own versions (sans the slightly off-putting fizogz of Brown, Cameron and Clegg) and have this to say:

This being the only poll that matters, Three would like to declare the Lib Dems the winners of the election, on a basis of being tasty cakes. Stay tuned to find out how this translates to the hung parliament coalition negotiations….

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