Party Politics Party!

STOP! Election time. 

David Cameron is no fun. He won't even join in the election dance.


Over in the UK, all this election fever is getting boringly serious. As we stand on the eve of a new government (or quite possibly the eve of the same government), trust that a party can still be had without ignoring the important issues of the day! Courtesy of the fine British Broadcasting Corporation, one can throw a shindig as the results come in (I’m predicting a landslide for Obama)… 

Cliccy the Piccy!

Fantastic Election Night entertainment pack, including Election Bingo, Hung Parliament Hangman and Leadership masks! Immense. There’s a serious message to all of this, of course – not to jump on our high horse, but you MUST use your right to vote. There are people in this world who would and have given their lives for the right to have a say in the way their country is run, and you have no right to complain about the way things are if you don’t speak up when you have the chance. No matter what your beliefs, get thee to a polling station today and mark your ballot. or we’ll take away your party-throwing privileges! 

We'll send the boys round if you don't vote.

When (and only when) you have voted, get thee back to they constituency home and get masked up and partied out. Viva Party Politics!

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