Happy Alternative Easter!

Did you know that there exist a mythical people among humans. They are paragons of self control, or oddities of peculiar taste. They do exist though, and Doctor Who can’t save the world from them. We have to learn to live with these people who (I can barely bring myself to say it…) Don’t. Eat. Chocolate.

Good Gravy!

Of course, Three don’t actually fear these people like they’re Atraxi. We’re just joking. You might not like chocolate, you might have stopped eating it to get healthy, you may be allergic to it (or nuts) or you may yourself be nuts. Just kidding! We know you’re not nuts. But we also know you’re a bit under represented when it comes to Easter. So, we are here to help!

How about Cake?

Everyone loves cake, right? thoughtfullysimple.com (of the bunnypops) suggest a rather awesome lollypop version made from marzipan or fondant and cake. I quite fancy one, actually.

How about Omelette?

 Lots of protein, good filling food, and made of egg. Egg being the symbol of new life and all, we figure a lovingly-made omelette cuts the mustard at Easter. With rabbit filling to make it extra seasonal!


How about Treats?

Ahhhh, the rice krispie treat! Easy to make, easier to love. I would probably put my love of Rice Krispie Treats on a par with chocolate (no, really!) and they’re probably a bit better for you (there’s no fat in marshmallow, kids!). Definite win.

How about Faberge?

Are you a multi-zillionaire with an Easter-loving other half who doesn’t like chocolate? No, we didn’t think so. Never mind. 

How about Fried Eggs?

Almost always the first sweets to be stolen from the Haribo Starmix bag, and no doubt constantly running out at the pic’n’mix counter – who wouldn’t love a massive bag of gelatenous yum for Easter?!

There we are – you know, you could always buy a nut safe or chocolate free confectionary gift that is NOT in the shape of an egg…but where’s the fun, really? As we all know, Jesus came back on Easter Sunday to collect his chocolate eggs, so it really is worth the effort. For Jesus, not us.

Happy Easter, Everyone!


(P.S. Does anyone know why our caption boxes refuse to stay the right size?! It’s driving us insane.)

2 responses to “Happy Alternative Easter!

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  2. Oh, The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs, now you’re talking! My favourite is the 1896 Rock Crystal Egg – or ‘Revolving Miniatures Egg’ (now in Virginia) which, on the outside, contains a 27 carat Siberian emerald, and its ‘surprise’ (like a very expensive kinder egg these were) was that the egg contained twelve exquisite miniature paintings of locations sentimentally important to Nicholas and Alexandra.

    It puts my large White Chocolate Buttons egg in the shade slightly, but, since none of the Imperial Eggs contained white chocolate, it’s swings and roundabouts really.

    Great idea about the Easter Omelette too!

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