Cake of the Week #34 – Easter Cake!

Obviously, we had to go with Easter this week. And we’re starting with Simnel Cake – the Easter classic!

The Simnel cake is not unlike a Christmas cake – covered in Marzipan with 11 balls around the edge to represent Jesus’ disciples (Judas had been a very naughty boy, as many of you know, and his ball was ejected. Ahem.)It’s a pretty cake, simple, but pretty. But why not go frickin nuts and be creative!

Bunny cake pops from – love love. An unusual, portion sized alternative for Easter socialisation! Or alternatively, do what three loves most and go nuts with fondant:

How awesome is this, fresh from Again – we heart it. We also recommend a quick revisit to a cake of the week of olde, bunnycakes!You’ll love it – there’s even a how to on making your own. Watch out for a super special Easter Sunday Eggsploration of Eggciting Eggtacles from around the world!

(if you want to see where all the cakes here are from, as always, clicky the piccy!)

2 responses to “Cake of the Week #34 – Easter Cake!

  1. Love the details on the Easter basket cake. Happy Easter, ladies! 🙂

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