Cake of the Week #32 – SPRING CAKES!

All the crocuses are out, the daffodils are running riot over the fields and the sun is making an occasional appearance. There has even been a minute, barly noticeable rise in tempurature. SPRING IS HERE! Let’s have some cake.

Green and yellow are obviously massive in Spring (in no small part thanks to the Daffodil, we reckon…), and nice greens and yellows (not neons!) are very “edible” colours, like so:

Do remember, however, that as well as being the colours of Spring, Yellow and Green are also the colours of Snot. Choose yor palette carefully! If you’re too worried about a baked-bogie disaster, you could go fresh and white with snowdrops…

Or you could go completely mental and use all the colours under the sun. We can’t find who made this cake (the urls of the bakers who made the others should work if you clicky the piccy!) but it’s Cath Kidston-esque and we laaave it:

But there’s always a place in our heart for anyone who, when decorating a cake, uses sugarpaste and food colouring with gay abandon. Seriously, what’s the point in moderation? WE WANT COLOUR!

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