Spring Wedding Favours with a conscience…

We’re still all about Spring and Daffodils this week, and our upcoming Cake of the Week will be celebrating all things fresh and springy too. In the mean time, we had a thought – why not be lovely and treat your Spring party/Spring  Wedding guests to a charitable gift?

No, No – not a naked Sammy Winward from Emmerdale! I’m sure Sammi’s very charitable, but I don’t think you’ll be able to get enough of her to give to every guest. What we’re thinking is the beautiful Marie Curie Daffodil…

Madame Curie: Party Animal

Marie Curie is a cancer charity in the UK that runs a variety of services, including hospices. Laura’s grandma was treated in one of these hospices, and you could not have asked for better care – they went out of their way to keep her and her family happy. As a result, once a year our house is full with boxes of these lovely daffodil badges – a lapel pin for a gent or a brooch for a lady – works for everyone! These boxes are delivered all over the UK (obviously not ALL from our house! We just help out in our area.) to shops, cafes, schools, offices, everywhere! There are also sellers out on the streets of the UK, so there’s no excuse not to find some. Let’s take a look at the MC Daf a bit more closely…

Purdy! And a bargain – the suggested donation is a pound. Now, imagine a handfull of these daffodils scattered across a pristine white tablecloth with a vase of beautiful blooming real dafs in the middle – beautiful! And cheap! A whole bunch of the buggers costs £1-£1.50 for 10 stems, and they fill out a vase perfectly. Right there you have a bargain of a centrepiece and favours – let’s say you have 100 guests at your wedding. We’ll say 2 bunches of Dafs on each table of ten, and a Marie Curie Daffodil for every guest – grand total of £120 to decorate your whole reception in a truly striking manner! £100 of which is going to charity. Your average wedding favour will cost you closer to £3 per head apparently, and don’t even get us STARTED on how much centrepieces can cost! What a massive saving, and you know you’re helping a very good cause in the process.

So, this box is what you’re looking for:

Clicky the Piccy!

 Most commonly spotted tirelessly walking the streets of the UK in the hands of Marie Curie Volunteers, or at tills and checkouts in shops and restaurants. Click the picture of the box of daffodils to be taken to Marie Curie’s page. Even if you’re not planning a Spring wedding or shindig, if you see a box, treat yourself to a daffodil this March x

2 responses to “Spring Wedding Favours with a conscience…

  1. A fan of Marie Curie!

    What a fabulous idea!! Love it!

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