Three Birthdays – we need YOU!

Kate and Laura will both be ticking over another year in April. Kate and Laura are uncharacteristically uninspired for their birthdays this year.Kate and Laura need your help!

photoshop + boredom x(google image search) = ...

Having splurged all our partyness out onto this blog for almost a year, we’re feeling a little uninspired for our own birthdays. We want you all to comment on this post and suggest some ideas for us! Remember, we have to stick to our guiding principl of being brilliant whilst broke, fabulous whilst frugal and awesome whilst austere.

This is our friend, Jimmy Carr. He has no ideas either!

 Ok, now that’s the gratuitous picture of us with a celebrity out of the way, what are you waiting for?! What can two April babies do to celebrate the anniversary of their arrival ‘pon this mortal coil?!


7 responses to “Three Birthdays – we need YOU!

  1. SEX AND THE CITY THEME. please! Shoe cupcakes! Clothes swapping! Cosmos all round! Oh it will be glorious.

    • That could be a winner right there. Keep the suggestions coming, though! SATC is nothing if not designer avec designer prices…

  2. one year nearer the grave party – basically a goth birthday party

    or if that is too morbid…

    everyone dress as joe party

    or if that is too egotistical

    homelessness party [cheap!!!]

  3. Ok…..theme the event around your age. People must wear *23* (am I wrong, probably) items of clothing, you must serve X items of food, X types of drink, X films with X well-known names (good luck with that one) bands with X number of hits……and must spent X amount of money on your presents 🙂
    And you don’t need to wear all designer for SATC. I’m thinking Season 1 with vintage and bad hair, not the film with lotsa angry credit companies.

  4. what about a concept food party?? I was reading about this a while ago and you just make up really unusal foods…never been done before etc and that’s the food party and you could all dress up as chefs???


    a backwards party…people have to say goodbye to start, then cake, then dancing, then food, then giving the cards and presents when people go home you say hello. All the signs and decorations should be backwards…so spell happy birthday backwards on the signs etc, clothes worn backwards??? :S


    A British Empire Party…food from all around the world…countries that used to be party of the British Empire, everyone dresses up as someone from each of the countries??? Decorations are then worldly.


    A Mad Hatters Tea Party, but not just in the costumes, a realllll one…where you have to move seats and things aswell.

    oooorrr hmmm….

    20,000 leagues under the sea!! YOu can have all sweeties like those prawns and other sea food, and normal food make to look like fishies…everyone dresses up like sea creatures or fishies, and decorate well like you’re under the sea. You could even download atmospheric water sounds to play 🙂

    ooorrr (my random ideas are struggling now)

    nice and simply a chocolate party???

  5. sorry,.,,more random ideas…

    1) mardi gras or carnival?
    2) a luau – grass skirts/coconuts/beads etc..could be lots of fun things to make?
    3) a tim burton themed party?? bring some of his characters to life kinda thing

  6. I have few ideas but I must say that I find your Kitchener/Three’s A Party poster to be strangely hypnotic.

    You could take ’23’ to be ‘1923’ I suppose. I doesn’t need much for a Twenties-style party. People could come as 1920s celebrities. This would take a tiny bit of research but there were certainly enough colourful characters to choose from.

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