Free Culture!

Peoples, tomorrow sees the grand opening of the Artes Mundi exhibition in the National Museum, Cardiff. You *have* to go see this!

By Adrian Paci. Click the Pic!

   The Artes Mundi prize is £40,000, and the eight shortlisted artists will be exhibited in Cardiff from tomorrow. There are free guided tours at 12.30pm every day, and all the tourguides have met the artists so will be able to answer your questions better than any audioguide out there!On top of that, the National Museum, Cardiff has the largest collection of Impressionist art outside of Paris, and its current exhibitions include a recently acquired Picasso, some fantastic Rembrandts (including a self-portrait) and my personal favourite, a portrait of the great Dylan Thomas by Augustus John. There is a rolling catalogue of contemporary work by the likes of Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon, and lots more besides to explore. We haven’t even mentioned the natural history on the ground floor, including an ANIMATRONIC WOOLY MAMMOTH. Oh yes.

She Moves!

Cardiff Museum is within easy walking distance of the train station – bang smack in the city centre for shopping in the new St David’s Centre, eating at Jamie Oliver’s Italian Bistro or perusing the Castle & surrounding parks. No excuse not to come! And if you absolutely can’t, the Tate Modern in London is in fine fettle at the moment! Go soak up some free culture this weekend, kids.

Clicky the Piccy

2 responses to “Free Culture!

  1. Viscount Tredegar's Parrot

    Oooooohhhhhh, that’s my Friday sorted then! Of course tour guides are always infinitely superior to audioguides in EVERY capacity.

    Choosing the Augustus John painting of Dylan Thomas as a particular favourite also marks you out as a person with excellent taste.

    Spooky linked factoid of the day: Augustus John once knocked out Dylan Thomas on the steps of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant (Percy Street, London; now the ‘Bam Bou’ which I heartily recommend) in an argument over Dylan’s significant other, Caitlin MacNamara. Lord Tredegar held John’s hat.

    The current Housekeeper of Tredegar House in Newport is named after Caitlin MacNamara.

    Actually, maybe that should have been ‘Pointless Linked Factoid of the Day’.

    Ah well, thanks for the heads-up on the exhibition!

    • I plan on getting in there too at some point over the weekend – Artes Mundi is always fab. My favourite so far was a whole room covered in dust from the World Trade Centre with Buddhist messages written in it – very dramatic piece. Being an Art school employee obviously brings out my artsy-fartsy tendancies…

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