How did you score?

How did you do on our ballot sheet guys?! Unfortunately I could not play live due to work the following morning, and lack of TV channel showing any of it. However, I would love to live vicariously through you, and find out how well your mad prediction skillz are.

Kate x

3 responses to “How did you score?

  1. Shucks. I wish I coulda stayed up!
    Predictions wise, I had hoped Sandra would snag it and Jeff too so yay for me there.
    Unfortunately though, being in France and tutting big time at illegal downloading has meant I’ve not seen a lot of the nominees. Avatar included. Shock horror!
    Now Vera Farmiga’s dress… who saw that coming?

  2. Judging by its size, everyone 😛 *guffaws*
    How unpatriotic of you not to be backing Carey and Colin. Shucks. Thought it was pretty naff all round, except for Up getting Best Animation over that weird Mr Fox film.
    And technically, since Avatar didn’t win very big, you have no need to see it! 😛 I still don’t want to see THL though.

  3. I wish Carey would have won 😦 and that dress was insane! But impressive!

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