Tonight’s the Night!

Here it comes, people – the Oscars are upon us!

Hosts = YES

STUPIDLY exciting times – for all you UK peeps, Sky one for the red carpet (Or E! if you can bear it) and Sky Movies for the ceremony. Or, more importantly, RedHeadFashionista for the Red Carpet (Don’t forget your Red Carpet Scoresheet) and I-Flicks for the Ceremony! This year promises some seriously close run battles, and Steve Martin is back! yaaaaay!

From a party point of view, DON’T buy that plastic crap from card shops that has stars and film reels all over it – you’re better than that, people. DO get in an assload of popcorn and get scoring – the scoresheet is what sells the Oscar party. You could go down the black tie route but really – it’s a TV night in! Whatever you’re doing – have fun (and nap this afternoon!)

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