Free Oscar Scoresheet – with a difference!

We told you we had a party plan…

The Oscar Party is now a well-established tradition, and we will have more to say on it later, but for now, we’re bringing you a fandabbydosey Oscar Scoresheet. Now, there are a lot of Academy Awards that most mortals can’t really pass comment on (I, for one, can’t tell sub par sound editing from the best in the business) so we’ve just included the main ones. Which is wrong, you may argue, and that’s fine – you people can go to and download their (somewhat boring) version. HOWEVER, ours comes with a bonus scorecard attached!

Click Me!

Fashion is as much a part of the Oscars now as the “Disappointed, yet please for the winner” faces, and we think it needs to be judged! The lovely Redhead will be blogging the red carpet, and assigning these snazzy awards:

The Bjork Award for utterly MENTAL getup


 The Madonna Award for mutton dressed as lamb

One word: Sinew

 The Jane Austen Award for lamb dressed as mutton

World’s frumpiest teenagers

 The Mrs Robinson Award for best dressed senior

Mirren – The Holy Grail

The Megan Fox Award for sluttiest dress

I feel violated.

 The Lagerfeld Award for inventive male

JLo and Gwynnie, Sout Park Style

And finally, The RedHead Award for overall fashion WIN

In RedHead we trust

 So, there you have it! A whole 7 damn fine reasons to download our scoresheet. Want an 8th? It took bloody ages to perfect. Want a 9th? The HTML issues I’ve had with this *%$!£@ post nearly made me launch my PC at the dog. So please, I’m begging you, don’t let it all have been in vain! Download the scoresheet:

Click here to Download our Oscar Scoresheet!

Go on, get predicting!!!!

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