Used – Date Party

Yet again we steal another pearl of wisdom from Sex and the City. This time we turn to Charlotte. Not surprising as we are approaching the day of love and Charlotte is as sickly as  melted chocolate, dribbled on a kitten wrapped in a pink bow.

Are you dateless this Valentines? Can you just not be bothered to go and search for a member of the opposite sex to act smoochy with on Sunday? Well, hows about organising a Used – Date party?

Charlotte organised one in season 3. It didn’t turn out so well for her, but whatever. Basically, gather your mates and ask them to bring a date to your party that they arn’t interested in. Be it an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a date that wasn’t quite what they were looking for, or a friend. This way you’ll meet lots of new people and possibly even the love of your life? Optimistic, much? If nothing else, you might make some lovely new friends who you can whinge to about Valentines day being a load of old balls made up by the card shops. Bah Humbug!

You could even use our free invitations!

2 responses to “Used – Date Party

  1. Maybe Carrie will bring that sexy silver fox politician of hers….yum.

  2. love it! I must have missed that episode! I will suggest it to my friends!

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