Charity Shop Bargain!

Look what I got in a Tamworth Sue Ryder Shop!

Retro Party Time!

For the princley sum of £1.25, I bought myself “How to Entertain your Guests” – a collection of indoor games, originally compiled by Dorothy Dickinson in 1911. There are such humdinger games as “I’ve been to paris”, “Stool of Repentence” and “Up, Jenkins!” – my god, I *need* to have a tea party to try this book out! The thing that really made me fall for Dorothy Dickinson’s way of thinking, however, was the lovey dedication that all hosts can identify with:

“To all the hosts and hostesses

of men, women and children who

at one time or another have not known

what to do with their guests,

This book is sympathetically dedicated.”

I actually love her. If blogs had been around in 1911, Dorothy would have been a contriubtor to this one, I reckon! Look out from some of Dorothy’s pearls of wisdom in the future x

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