Do a good deed! Sign a petition! (Potentially) save money!

Last night, I went to see this guy:

His name is Tom Wrigglesworth, he is a comedian and a man on a mission. 

In 2008 he boarded an off-peak Virgin Train with a ticket bought in advance, for £3. Bargain. He was sat near a gaggle of grannies. When the ticket man came around to check tickets, he spotted that one of the grannies had got on the wrong train. Her ticket was for a train that was meant to leave half an hour later. Doh! Silly granny! The ticket man then told her she would have to cough up a crazy £115 for a correct ticket! – the equivalent of a peak-time ticket and massively more expensive than Tom’s fee. Tom did not take this lying down. He felt sorry for the poor old lady. He organised a whip round of everyone on the train and managed to return the £115 to this old biddy. For this, he was nearly arrested. Gosh.

He wrote to Sir Richard Branson, complaining of this incident. Since then, Virgin Trains have brought in Lena’s Law (named after the granny). If you have an incorrect ticket, or haven’t been able to buy one at the ticket office you shall only be charged the amount for the train you are on. Off peak train – off peak ticket price. Hooray!!

Mr Wrigglesworth has started a petition to make Lena’s Law apply to all trains, and I for one am all for this. Train prices are insane.

We’re all for saving money here at Three so if you agree with Tom and myself sign the petition! It takes less that 30 seconds. I just did it myself.


Also, if you get the chance to see Tom Wrigglesworth’s show, go. It’s very funny.

One response to “Do a good deed! Sign a petition! (Potentially) save money!

  1. This. Since I’m usually sat on a train when I’m not at home, this is a grand idea. The pricing structure is silly to say the least.

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