Merry Weekend!

Urgh, we’re both dieting. January is not fun. BUT, if I wasn’t being unusually disciplined at the moment I would definately be going for a hot chocolate avec whippy cream this weekend. Y.U.M! I’d probably also have an obscene slice of cake, a curry and a massive chocolate bar. I’m dreaming of chocolate bars. Although, this morning, Paul McKenna informed me (and the rest of Britain) through the medium of Radio 1 how to stop this daydreaming about chocolate. The short version: imagine it covered in hair. I’d like to say this puts me off Dairy Milk. It doesn’t.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I hope it’s sunny.

Have a good one!

Kate xo

(photo via Pretty Foods)

3 responses to “Merry Weekend!

  1. Should be called ‘Hairy Milk’, right? Right?

  2. *groan*

  3. Whose hair, though? There’s a kid at work who has tramp hair. Maybe his.
    There. Now I never want hot chocolate again.

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