Cake of the Week #29 – Tea and Cake or Death?

We’re still in January so we’re sticking with our zero calorie cakes theme – what do you think of these babies?


Cake is awesome. January dieting is not. Sadly, some of us have to, so we’re finishing off our January run of CotW with another zero cal cakey treat. These are utterly immense. Tea is also zero calorie (obv. without sugar) so you can enjoy them too’! If anything, they’ll help the detox.


The only thing is, the perfect accompaniment to tea is, as Eddie Izzard told us, Cake. Or Death. We’re going with cake though, so real, bona fide cakes will return come February! wOOt wOOt!


These are all fine and dandy – but we have to look to this MONSTER of a cake teapot for true motivation to stick to the diet. This is the sort of insane tea making paraphernalia I one day hope to own:

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