Pic N Mix table – DIY!

Over Christmas, it may have been mentioned, three decided to have a bit of a party. Children and adults alike were in attendance, but all loved THIS: 

Piccy Mix! w00t!

Pic N Mix table – what an absolute winner. The sweets were colour-coded – all in browns, blacks and whites – but that still allowed for a good variety that everyone could tuck into, including humbugs, winegums (mainly black), chocolate everything, white chocolate everything, milk bottles, jelly beans, cola bottles, candy sticks, licquorice, the whole flippin’ shebang. This is how we went about it:

 1: Get your scoops 

I got some lovelies like this from ebay, around £11 for four (including postage) which is fab. I went down the metal route because I know I’ll use them again, but Tescos, Ikea and other homeware suppliers have plastic alternatives for much less.

 2: Get your sweets

 Pound shops are a wonder for retro Piccy mix sweets and candy. You can do a big table like this for a tenner if you’re clever! Top tip – don’t buy Jellybelly beans. They’re scrumptious but they cost a fortune. Don’t forget to tell people what all the sweeties are – you can see our handy signs-on-a-stick design here. Very high tech, but surprisingly, also very cost-effective!

3: Get your vessels 

We went with a very simple idea – we raided our cupboards for all the glass containers we could find – from vases to wine glasses, they were all great. It looked really chic to have mismatched glass, and didn’t cost a penny because it was all already there! Can’t beat a freebie party prop.

4: Get your transportation 

Waste not, Want not. These handy cones were made from art & craft bi-products (see the Booksafes How to) but you could do it with any paper. You could also buy some cheap paper bags – then everyone gets to take some sweets home as a party favour! The cones were great for people to wander with their treats in tow.

 5: Get decorating      

A few finishing touches made the table look a treat. Signs, bit of black beading and a tablecloth – literally all it was! You don’t have to stick with a colour scheme – multi coloured looks just as fabulous, if not more so. Go nuts!

Pic N Mix is a perfect chance to get people mingling over a fun dessert, at a dinner party, party party, wedding party, birthday party, anywhere! It went down really well and was completely delicious – I personally hit the chocolate raisins pretty damn hard. Have any of you ever tried this one out? Let us know!

God, I want some sweets now.

2 responses to “Pic N Mix table – DIY!

  1. That’s brilliant. I would just have a strawberry tray..strawberry laces, twists, giant strawbs, sugared strawbs, sour strawbs….YUM.

  2. i simply cannot wait for a party with you guys when i get home!!!

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