Ebaylicious Part 2 and an AWESOME new Blog Invention!

So, a couple of weeks ago, we talked you through the merits of a new year clear out! The result is (9 DVDs, 7 games, 2 tops, 2 jackets, 1 dress and 1 tunic later) £54.01! Mental. And I still have stuff to sell! Man, are we going to have some good parties this year. Seems like the perfect time to introduce this monster:

From now on, if we love it, we have a bona fide way of telling you – our brand new Three’s a Party Seal of Approval! It’s like the Nobel Prize, only for parties. And without the 7-figure prize fund.

3 responses to “Ebaylicious Part 2 and an AWESOME new Blog Invention!

  1. that’s actually pretty impressive how much you got so far, are there really no listing fees on ebay now? as i think i may follow your lead and clear out a pile of stuff xxx

    • There are no fees in a few categories, like DVDs, Games and Clothes, if you offer free postage or you start under £1. They do, of course, take final value fees, but that is just over a fiver right now. I think it’s pretty damn good all in all, for stuff that would have been thrown out anyway! Save some money, save the world – the most profitable form of recycling there is!

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