St Valentine is so passe…

Today is a joyous day for Welsh folk, and indeed for all, for it is the day of the Welsh patron Saint of Lovers, St Dwynwen (Doin – Wen)!

Isn't she a looker?!

St Dwynwen had many rather rubbish fates befall her, due to the Welsh tradition of oral storytelling and massive exaggeration. Whatever way you hear it, she was separated from Maelon, the love of her life, and resigned to a life in the nunnery rather than live without him. Awwwwwh!

Still, hopefully your lives are not quite s tragic (especially as Maelon may or may not have been turned to ice at some point…) and you will be able to use St Dwynwen’s day to your advantage! Here’s our thinking: EVERYONE knows Valentines day, and what with the Card companies going out of their way to plaster everything with red and pink wuvvy-duvvy tat, it’s now very, very hard to forget. St Dwynwen’s day has yet to be sold out to global conglomerates, so we say take advantage and get yourself some major brownie points! Tell your special someone you’d never settle for anyone but them, just like Dwyny, and instantly become employee of the month.

Massive, Much?!

Now, a traditional Welsh gift of Love would be a Lovespoon, like the one above (biggest in the world, and below is it being whittled from an entire tree – can be seen at ). This would traditionally be handmade by a Welshman for his sweetheart from a single piece of wood, and would take many, many hours of finger splintering, eye squinting labour. You, however, do not have this kind of time…

Who loves ANYONE that much?!

Here are some fab floral ideas you can adapt (quickly – we have less than 12 hours left!) from the blog to help you win the day. Click on the pictures to be transported back in time.

Pick some Wildflowers – Nature’s bounty is already rearing it’s springy head, with Daffodils being especially pretty and relevant today!

Get crafty with the contents of your kitchen cupboards and make some cupcake case flowers – add a celtic message of love for extra “awwwwwh!”

Decorate your lovenest to spread the happiness and spice up your living room – the easy way to make microwave food & tv sweet

So there you have it! Show your love in a non-commercially tainted manner, but still at an appropriate time. Remember, if no one else loves you this St Dwynwen’s day, Three do! Dwi’n dy garu chi x

One response to “St Valentine is so passe…

  1. Also the Welsh patron saint of sick animals, which, when you think about it, often have much in common with those in love.

    Why do Welsh saints ALWAYS end up in nunneries? Either that, or like St Gwynllw of Newport, become a hermit.

    Really, Welsh saints need to work on their social skills.

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