Cake of the week #28 – Nappy New Year!

We’re all about Calorie free cakes this January, so here we are with a natty little idea for a babyshower – the nappy cake!

Tiniest. Screenshot. Ever.

Hailed by the baby queen, Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, as the Ultimate babyshower gift, the nappy cake is very natty indeed. Or Diaper cake if you’re a colonial. Filled with all sorts of goodies that a new Mum will need, they’re just adorable, and utterly calorie free! You can order them from a variety of sources, or you can turn your hand to a bit of diaper DIY! Check out this tutorial:

And here’s some inspiration! We expect nothing less fantastimagal than this from you crafty bunch:

Flamboyant, much?! Click the pic for more!

2 responses to “Cake of the week #28 – Nappy New Year!

  1. ‘Well we’re not returning it, we’ve been seen carrying it down Fifth Avenue!’

  2. These Diaper cakes are getting really popular this year – love the work was going to design one for my niece she lives in the UK but found this site Nappy Cakes Gift they have some nice gifts.

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