Ebay the winter blues Away

Hokay kids – nearly everyone buys from ebay these days, and rightly so! There’s many a bargain to be had, including party supplies – you’ll hear more of that later. But not so many people sell, and I think this is a crime…

I’ve had a massive clear out whilst the snow has been keeping all us Brits inside, and came up with a massive pile of junk that wasn’t rubbish, but equally wasn’t useful anymore. Useful to me, that is – a fair amount of it was perfectly good stuff! So, I’ve been chancing my arm with ebay all weekend. If you’re smart with your listings, there are no insertion fees now, so for free I have listed 20-odd auctions from jackets to pc games. If they don’t sell, I still don’t pay a penny! A bit time consuming at first, but once you get used to the format, it’s very easy to list an item, and then you just sit back and watch the bids come in. So far, bids on my items total £2.60 – there are still 6 days to go on them all as well, so fingers crossed that that amount will keep growing – will keep you posted.

Be not afraid - be paid! (Bad poetry - oh noetry!)

How is this party related, you ask? Well – it just is. We’re all about saving some cash up for a shindig, and after a heavy Christmas, a sort out can be good for the soul. How much stuff do you have lying around that you don’t want, but you can’t bear to throw out? Even if you make a tenner, that’s almost a set of four metal sweet scoops for a pic n mix table…

So, the message today is: Ebay works, and it’s easier than you think. There are countless guides out there for how to make the most of your posts ( The Telegraph has an excellent beginner’s guide). Have a clear out of stuff and get selling – more space for a party, more funds for a party, it just couldn’t be a better January party solution! Will keep you posted on the successes and failures of our own auctions.

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