Alternative Christmas Tree #2

Ok, so Kate is not pro-change when it comes to la Crimbo. Neither are some of you stuck-in-your-ways commentors! Totally fine – Christmas is all about traditions, and I have many of my own (Christmas Eve Cinema trip, Toast with real butter, at least one family member with Flu by New year – the usual…). As important as Tradition is however, I think it’s important to remember this message…


Absolutely true. There is always room, MUCH room for tradition, but we should never be afraid to stop and think “Hang on, what the frick am I doing?!”. Frankly, today I have been wondering what the frick I have been doing with my Christmas tree, because this is the most awesome arborial idea I have EVER seen:

John Lewis, and it's half price! £40 instead of £80.

Interior space is judged on the space available on the ground (e.g. if your sofa/kitchen unit is on stilts, even if they’re only a few inches high, the room will feel bigger than if they were flat to the floor. How smart are we sounding today?!) so if you opt to have the fat bit of the tree up top, it will feel less crowdy. Also, there is more room for presents, and it’s just an assload of fun, don’t you think?!

If we hadn’t bought a new artificial tree last year, I would be on my way to JL to buy this unique beastie branch monster. I am actually in love with it. What do you guys think?

3 responses to “Alternative Christmas Tree #2

  1. Love it. Loved it when I saw it in JL 2 years ago!

  2. Me too! Made a play for it last year when we were buying a new artificial tree but was shouted down. I am totally having this in 37 years when I can afford a stuio hovel of my own.

  3. But it’s all… you know. Upside down face.

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