Spice up your old Decorations

We’re all for refreshing ideas for Christmas decorating ideas that don’t cost a bomb…

Perhaps the girls-for-hire are an original idea *too* far...

Idea number one if you want new ones – be strong, resist and buy them in January. The mark down is so good it’s daft. Idea number two is more appropriate for me. El Father has henceforth banned myself and my mother from ever buying any more Christmas decorations, and in fairness, he has a point. We have 3 boxes and several carrier bags FULL of baubles, in several different colourschemes, so we dont’ need any more.

However, every year I get hell bent on something different – I see something in a shop or a stately home and want to go home and try it (Top tip from Tredegar House this year, by the way – wreaths tied with ribbons on the back of dining chairs – looks ACE). This year, I’ve tried my best to make it look a bit different by using decorations that are up all year round – like this weird wall thing!

Is it wall art? Or a metal picture? I have no idea.

Couple of little bells and blue baubles and the fireplace is looking Crimbo-tastic. Another random metal thing we have knocking around is the light fitting, which I immediately attacked with some more blue baubles.

Yes, it's a weird light fitting, but you get the idea...

This one looks even better in the dark when the lights are on – it’s like Christmas in space!

Ooooooh, pretty!

Ahhhh – love it. Works all weathers! Mum also went for this idea with tea lights – nabbed from Dutch relatives who always have hanging bells

Shoddy photography skills, but awesome idea none-the-less

So, it’s really that easy – don’t just put everything in the same place every year. It’s not law that things must stay put – our tree, for example, changes places almost every year. One thing that is essential to make this work is colourscheming – ours is strictly blue. If you’ve got a decade-worth of mish-mosh decs thrown all over the place it just looks like some sort of camp explosion. If you have lots of different colours and want to use them – theme different rooms!

Ooh, one other idea – we did this a couple of years ago and loved it – unfortunately the ceilings have just been painted so this year it was a no no, but this gives a fab effect – baubles white-tacked to the ceiling on different lengths of cotton:

Photo taken Pre-blog!

Bad times  on the dark photography front – as the caption says, I wasn’t thinking blog friendly photos. Still, I’m *sure* I have a better picture than that at home so I will get to work on finding it and will update you.

In the meantime, go forth and do unusual things with baubles!

2 responses to “Spice up your old Decorations

  1. Laura,

    The old dears (& I’m not talking about the ones in the photo) always hung their baubles from the ceiling; the bigger and gaudier the better. ask your mum, she’s bound to remember them!

  2. I LOVE the metal wall-art sprucing up! So creative! I’ve always been a fan of little monochrome trinkets for decorations- easy to change up your color scheme for a new year, just invest in a can of spray paint!

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