Invites: Do it your ruddy self!

And so began our blog, with a short article on  saving money and the planet by eviting people – ahhh, memories. However, sometimes you just need to stick a stamp on it, and this is what we be doing for our humbug party!

Stripes = oh yes.

Now, don’t panic. I did use Adobe Photoshop for some of this, but in all honesty the majority was done in Paint. It really is that easy.

The jazzy font was free – and one of thousands – at 1001 Free Fonts. Don’t be afraid of new fonts – they are ridiculously easy to install even for the most phobey of technophobes. Microsoft help will tell you how.

The stripes were a draw a line/fill the box job in Paint. The humbug was a cut-and-paste from a photo. The snowflakes and holly were from Photoshop, but you can do whatever you want with pics these days. Free clipart can be found at Microsoft or Go crazy! Or even use your own family pics (Remember though – we are watching. Be chic, not cheesy).

If you don’t have a particularly creative side, then stick with simple, like so…

Voila! Bitmap-tastic

So it’s not the most professional you will ever see, but it took me seven minutes (honestly) an an old version of MS Paint. If I can do it, so can you! And I bet you have longer than seven minutes to think about it. Match your party theme! Our theme will be Victoriana-Thrift inspired by Ebeneezer Scrooge and his love of such style. The party will be all old books and humbug colours – white, black and brown, hence the design. It’s remarkably easy to do – trust me! And don’t forget our themed forties invites…

Think outside the box, kids!

But, if you’re reeeeally stuck, Invitationland is a nifty website with a couple of free PDF generated designs to try and print off yourself. I used it for my Mum and Dad’s anniversary pary, and the invites were fab. You can even get matching thank you cards! Or, ask us! Bet we can help you out if you ask nicely…

So, there is no excuse. Get inviting people to parties! GO!

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