Cake of the week #24 – Snowmen Cakes!

We’re going with the winter theme this month, kids, and we’re kicking off with Cake of the Week to suit!

Weeeee're walking in the aaaaaaaair

The above gent is obviously the king of Snowfolk, Raymond Briggs’ “The Snowman”, without whom Aled Jones would have no career, and we heart him. But you don’t have to go all out professional with your fondant – go cakey nuts!

Not my gumdrop buttons!

Looks deeeee-lushious. Or, if you’re having a wintery wedding – bring a touch of elegant humour to your cake. This is one of my favourites – dead simple, so easy to do for an amateur wanting to save money, and just the right amount of cheeky

Aaaaah, melty love!

We’re big fans of snowfolk, and want you all to go forth and decorate your Christmas Cakes with a bit of originality this year. Go to it!

3 responses to “Cake of the week #24 – Snowmen Cakes!

  1. I love the one at the top, but the slightly squished appearance of the snowman reminds me of the end…..*sob*.

  2. I’m trying to conjure up some kind of icing pun but.. just… can’t.

  3. A pleasure to come to your site. Thanks very much!

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