Happy Thanksgiving!

There is NOT enough food here!

Like a moron, I wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving last week, because I thought it *was* Thanksgiving last week. Bloody Limey! My American friend (whose family put the crack in the liberty bell, don’t you know!) has put me right, and I know that the warm up act for Christmas is actually today. Apologies for the cock-up.  Check out our Pumpkin Pie here, and some appropriately themed cakey goodness here.

So! If you’re an American, happy Thanksgiving! If you’re a turkey or a pumpkin, run for your little life.

No, no - I'm a Peacock. Honestly.

3 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Haha, apologies accepted, ladies! You would love the insanity that is the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday)… almost anything you can put a barcode on is super on sale. You just have to wrestle through throngs of crazed shoppers who have been at it since 4am!!

  2. G introduced me to Black Friday – hence today’s reason to party! I miss it terribly – we have to force her to move back to the mainland.

  3. I’m an Aussie just back from a short stay in New York. I was fortunate enough to be there for Thanks giving, saw the macy’s day parade and had some delicious turkey =P. Heard about the crazy sales on black friday apparently someone shot someone in Toys R Us after an argument over a toy (not this year) and also people have been trampled to death. crazy!

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