Make your own Twilight Party

Vampires are the new indie rock bands, apparently. The Incomparable iflicks have provided some offical party produce, and we thought it would be downright rude to be handed a party on a plate and not share it with you!

Yaaay, Fangs and such!

Now, by way of publicising this movie (because, personally, I think it wil struggle at the box office…) some folks have distributed some awesome party wares, such as…MASKS!

Not so much the undead, more the differently alive

There’s nothing freakier than the eyes of those masks when they’re not cut out, just all blank and whatnot, so get a move on and get making. These lovely new moon folks have also brought you party invites, so none of your Moony mates ever have to miss out.

Ahhhh, gothic!

 And to decorate your venue, they’ve given you bunting. We’re massive fans of bunting, because it quickly and cheaply transforms a venue. Try itwith RPatz’s face!  Or the other guy!  




 So, you’re in the mood for vampires, you’ve invited your screaming fangirl friends, you’ve got your Twilight DVD and are eating Twilight cakes – you can also get a playlist from the author herself over at What more do you need?! You need your movie trivia. Head over to I-flicks for that – we haven’t even seen Star Wars! Clicky the logo x


2 responses to “Make your own Twilight Party

  1. Ah, what I could tell you about vampires….

    Pointy fangs and post-life survivors aside, holding a party to herald the release of a new film is a great idea. Admittedly, some films would work better within this concept than others: Twilight works, but any attempt at a ‘This Is It’ party would almost certainly lead to an ultimately grim, tear-stained night.

    Good for iflicks. They obviously know what the public yearns for. They yearn for masks.

    They also yearn for little hats, but I suppose ‘little hats’ and vampires have seldom been a good combination.

  2. I will definitely be printing those masks out. Then anyone who wants to can kiss RPatz or….TLaut(?????) under the mistletoe this New Year.

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