Exciting Announcement!


This picture has nothing to do with anything. We just wish it would snow.

Three, we, i.e. Kate and Laura, are going to a Vintage Fashion Fair in Cardiff on Saturday…

 …and if you want to get in on the action, you just need to go to www.blindlemonvintage.co.uk to open up a WORLD of retro bargain opportunity!


Now, we’re big fans of vintage, and so should you be, but it’s not really an exciting announcement that we’re going shopping. We’ve already done that once this week already. What IS exciting is that we’re going to try and Vlog, yes, VLOG our visit to the fashion fair!


It really is *this* exciting

Vintage is all about saving money and recycling, which is handily also what we’re all about (as well as trying to bring hats back into everyday fashion and watching really weird documentaries) and we thought this would be a fun opportunity to try something new! What do you guys think? Will we fail miserably or will …never mind. We’ll probably fail miserably, but we’re going to try!!! Expect video of this momentus occasion soon…

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  1. love.

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