Cake of the Week #21 – Really Bad Cakes

We’re all about awesome cakes, but my GOD we love to laugh at the crap ones as well…


Is this a "Congratulations" occasion now?!

 So we decided on a Cake of the Week to celebrate some of the most violent Fondant disasters ever made. We found out that godawful cakes are, in fact, so common, that someone has already dedicated an entire blog to it!!!


Praise be to Cakewrecks, we say. Here are some of their best worst fondant atrocities…


A classic. Under Neath that. Bad Cake.

God, I love it when Professional Cakes go so horribly wrong! Obviously not to ruin birthdays/weddings/anniversaries, but you have to laugh. I mean come on, what IS this?!



Some of the best are the what I ordered/ what I got comparisons for wedding cakes. Tragic, yet hilarious when enough time has passed! We love Cakewrecks, and think you should too… 


Someone brought in a picture on a USB stick to be put on a cake. This happened.

One response to “Cake of the Week #21 – Really Bad Cakes

  1. I am checking CakeWrecks now, and desperately want a CakeRex giant dinosaur cake.

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