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Cake of the Week #18 – Smurftastic!

The Smurfs are 61 today! Yay!

So frickin happy all the time...

So frickin happy all the time...

Baby Hour!


(photo via Martha)

Happy Birthday Mum!


It’s my Mum’s birthday today! She doesn’t know how old she’ll be. I think you forget when you get past a certain age.

She’s a lovely mum, so I hope she has a nice day!

Kate xx

Baby hour!


(photo via Martha)

Baby Hour!


(photo via Martha)

Baby Hour!


(photo from Martha)

Baby hour(s)!!


Tomorrow will be rather baby filled.

The halloween posts so far have been rather adult based and  we have neglected the youngest generation. Babies like getting dressed up too! (They may not. The outfits are probably pretty uncomfy but they just look so darn cute!!)

As a result, I’m posting some funny and SUPER cute baby fancy dress piccies tomorrow. Keep checking back for a chuckle!