Cake of the Week #19 – All Hallows bake

DO NOT put candles INSIDE cakes. It will not end well.

Well, it’s not a blindingly original theme for our weekly cakey delights, but my GOD is it delicious!



Gotta love a bit of Halloween, especially when Autumn Caking it up. This hum dinger is a colourful winner, actually very pretty too. But who wants pretty on All Hallows Eve?! Try haunted houses and the fatal ferryman instead…


Cake or Death?

Or, how about a haunted house as the actual cake? Love this one


Creaky, much?

And no Halloween would be complete without an appearance from the Pumpkin King and his ragdoll queen. Why is it that Tim Burton-related cakes always look so much tastier than their non-gothic counterparts?


Everyone hail to the Pumpkin song...

And finally, an imposter. Not a cake, but a pie – and WHAT a pie! EVERYONE should be having Pumpkin Pie this autumn – it seems not to have taken off anywhere but the USA, but they are absolutely right on this one. There really is nothing better on an autumnal afternoon. Enjoy!



If you’re not happy with all the options here, go all witchcraft and check out our Harry Potter Cakes…

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