Lip Sticks

So being at a party is fun and all but, lets be honest, the best part of celebrating is looking at the photos afterwards and deciding which ones should most definately NOT be tagged on facebook and which one should be your profile pic! Basically, good party photos = a good party, which is why we love these little bad boys….


These are named Smitten Sticks and you can find them here. However if you’re feeling creative, or have a friend who’s artistic skills stretch further than a curly line for a moustache, these would be super easy to make for yourself. Straws would do the trick for the stick and then let your imagination run wild with what you would like to place on them! They would make simple but cute halloween outfits if you drew some fangs, or some manky teeth, or even an eye patch!











(photos from Smitten Sticks)

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