Half Price Halloween #1 – FREEEEEEEDOM!


Film inspired fancy dress party to go to this year? No cash to splash on a (frankly rubbish) shop bought or hired costume? No worries. Do this:

Sons of Scotland, etc...

Sons of Scotland, etc...

Boots and vest I already owned, white and blue facepaint was hanging around the house, left over from KISS night (another amazingly cheap fancy dress option!) and the toy sword was borrowed from a friend. The skirt was £1.50, The belt was 99p and the necklace was also 99p – all from local charity shops – the best kind of recycling. At the time I had a housemate who was a battle re-enactment fiend, and this fabulous shield belonged to her. There you are! £3.48. Win. And just to make it extra Mel Gibson authentic, make at least one sexually charger, racist comment every hour, Sugar Tits!

*inappropriate remark removed by Three. Bad Mel!*

*inappropriate remark removed by Three. Bad Mel!*

One response to “Half Price Halloween #1 – FREEEEEEEDOM!

  1. Looking good, Sugar Tits! I LOVE that belt, Laura!!

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