Honeymoon for free!


Are you engaged and living in sin? Because we don’t live 100 years ago, the likelihood is yes, you are ‘living in sin’. In that case, you will already have plates, a microwave, a mixer, an espresso machine that you think looked cool but can’t use because espresso makes your head explode. You’ll already have cutlery, it may be from Ikea, but it’s cutlery. It cuts and Ikea rules. Thus, when you get married and the issue of the wedding present registry comes up – Eep! You already have everything! You still want presents but dear lord you can’t just let the guests go off and choose something without any direction. You WILL end up with some Mr & Mrs tat. Fact. SO! Hows about this….

buy honeymoon


Say ‘Bonjour!’ to buy-our-honeymoon.com.  This nifty little website enables wedding guests to buy bits of the happy couples honeymoon. Basically, the couple set up a site listing all the things available to buy. This could be anything from the flights or the hotel, to an ice cream or a sun lounger on the beach. Whatever you plan on doing on your honeymoon, whack it on there. Guests then choose what they’d like to give you, click on ‘buy this item’ and voila!

The couple pay a one off fee of £55 which I think is fairly reasonable considering you’re getting most of your honeymoon paid. For this you get the website, 70 registry cards to send to your friends, lots of advice and the ability to accept payment directly from your guests. Plus, you get to choose a web address like “our-wedding-list.com” rather than “buy-our-honeymoon.com” which sounds, frankly, gross.

We at Three think this is a genious idea and will definately use it if we decide to go against the social conventions of the 1860s and live with our spouses before we say ‘I Do!’.

pengiun wedding

(photos via we heart it)

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