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Need an excuse to party? #6

Today is the 65th Anniversaire of the Liberation of Paris in World War II – Vive La France!

Tis I, LeClerc!

Tis I, LeClerc!

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The Invites…

First thing’s first! Everyone gets an invite…

A little bit of photoshoppage...

Please ignore the childhood picture in the background...

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We’re throwing a 1940’s Blitz Party! 

Which means dressing up, dancing, games and partying like its your last – which it may very well be, there’s a war on dontcha know!

We’ll be documenting all preparations and money spent – we’re rationing our pounds – on the blog so keep clicking!

Ballroom Blitz

We can’t ever forget the horrors of war on a home front, but nor should we ever forget the amazing sense of community that was bourne out of such hardship in 1940s Britain. Blighty without a party? Not bloody likely, Johnny Foreigner!

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Cake of the week #9 – Frickin Sweet!

This week, our COTW comes via tenuous linkage! It is Mila Kunis’ birthday, who is best known for providing the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy. Family guy is Frickin’ Sweet as far as Three are concerned, as is cake! So there we go. Happy Birthday Mila!
Frickin' Sweet

Frickin Sweet!

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Wedding Entrance

This is so lovely! I smiled the entire way through. This has got to be the happiest wedding entrance ever in the history of weddings.

Lemon Wedding

Yet more evidence that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a sweet, romantic wedding.

I absolutely looove these pictures. Lets be honest, the only thing you really need for a gorgeous al fresco wedding is sunshine, but half the fun of the wedding is the planning right? You need something to occupy you while you wait and pray like you’ve never prayed before for the sun! So here, fruit! Suprisingly dreamy looking and cheap as chips. Plus perfect for the drinks later!














(Via OnceWed)

Cake of the Week #8 – Stop! Obama time.

Our cake of the week WAS going to be this:



Saint Barack of Obama turned a sprightly 48 this week, and this was his official birthday cake. Nice and simple, not too much frosting, basic, as you can see. But then, this car crash of over-the-top sugarcraft had it’s ass kicked by this:

Obama brought cupcakes to the 89 year old reporter Helen Thomas, who has reported on every President since JFK. There is nothing this man could ever do to make me not like him – he is amazing. All hail Obama the cakebringer!

The Cakebringer

The Cakebringer

Bad bloggers. Bad weather.

Yes, we’ve been away for a while. Too much work and holidays make Threesaparty bad bloggers. But never fear! We are returning slowly but surely to help inspire and delight you.

It’s just a shame this weather sucks. Seriously, hello!? WHERE’S THE SUMMER GONE!?