Seek and Find

My house isn’t decorated with tonnes of antique furniture or vintage finds. Most of it is brand spanking new which, you may think, makes it difficult to find some lovely 1940s-esque pieces to use for your lovely 1940s party. Think again dear readers as I went scouting around my house for some props and came across these bad boys (perhaps not all from the 1940s but looks as close as damn it, and thus will do nicely):


Of course, just putting these on a table and calling it a party is not how we do it here at Three, but small touches like some of these props will really take your party back to the era, and make it all the more authentic. You’ll be surpised at all the oldy looking things you can find at the back of cupboards, or that you’ve inherited from grandparents. And if you really dont have anything, charity shops are filled with stuff grannys no longer want, and, as we’ve already pointed out, the supermarket is still filled with nostalgia / lazy companys that haven’t changed their packaging in a thousand years.

Get searching!!

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