Car Boot Karma – top tips!

Hey kids. What’s cooler than shopping? How about shopping, helping to recycle and making someone else a little bit of extra moolah for their troubles? I know. Karmatastic.

A British Institution

A British Institution

Three love everything about car boots – the sense of adventure, the bargain rummaging, the excitement of never knowing what you’re going to find – there’s SO much stuff you never knew you could live without! On Sunday, part of three took a jaunt to Tredegar House , where some weeks they have carbootage. It was busy, and there were LOADS of cars, and bargains were had all round! For instance…

Oooh - a box! What could it be?!

Oooh - a box! What could it be?!

Oooh! A necklace! Bet it's rusty & dirty & missing stones though...

Oooh! A necklace! Bet it's rusty & dirty & missing stones though...

Nope! It's perfect!

Nope! It's perfect!

That picture really doesn’t do this necklace justice – it’s an absolute find! It looks old school Hollywood glam, and although I know it’s not really made of diamonds, it’s my new best friend. And it cost me 50p. If you’re reading from America, btw, that translates to about 80 cents right now. How RIDICULOUS is that?! I love it. I love love love it.

I also got some amazing set dressing for our 1940s Blitz Party:


 A never-used Magnetic noteboard - vintage chic!
A never-used Magnetic noteboard – vintage chic!

It’s perfect set dressing for turning your living room into a bomb shelter, and it cost a mere 20p – 32 cents. MENTAL value! And you can find ANYTHINg at a car boot – three’s boy companion piked up a platinum gamecube, a gameboy colour (with a game and batteries included) for under £5 in total, and he paid a pound for a charity raffle ticket and won a 12 pack of beer. The bargains never ended.

Here are Three’s Top Three Tips for car boot success:

  • Get there early if you’re hunting for something specific, or want the biggest selection of awesome. Hardcore booters swoop at dawn. If you want the craziest bargains – get there late. The selection will be less but no one wants to take anythign home – they’ll be less inclined to hold out when bargaining.
  • Be prepared to walk away without something. Don’t feel intimidated, or obligated to buy once you have engaged with the seller. ALWAYS be polite, but you are a customer – if you don’t like the price, back off. Come back later and see if it’s still there.
  • Wear comfy shoes – you need to spend time. Also, bring plenty of your own bags and make sure your own car boot is empty. Root through boxes, rustle through trays – you’d be AMAZED what people want to get rid of. Great place to pick up antiquey looking fixings for decorating, but without the fearful antique shop prices.

So, kids – I urge you. Get to your local car boot, and get saving. Shopping without the guilt – you’re recycling and you’re helping out a neighbour in need. Better than TopShop any day!

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