Need an excuse to party? #7

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On this day in 2006, the Universe got a little smaller…

Well, it looks like a bloody planet to me, mate!

Well, it looks like a bloody planet to me, mate!

3 years ago on 24th August 2006, it was declared that Pluto was not a planet. This was not some demotion for poor planetary behaviour or planetist discrimination, no! Apparently it has NEVER been a planet! SOmething about it having its own gravitational pull, but not quite having cleared neighbouring planitesimals. I won’t bore you with the details – everyone knows that.

Thousands of adults now cursed their science teachers for implanting useless and incorrect rhymes for remembering planets into their heads, rhymes that can NEVER be altered or forgotten. My very excellent mother just served up nine pies? Oh no she didn’t, kid.

Celebrate, or rather comiserate, the demise of Pluto the planet with an astrological wake. Have a space themed shindig and tell many a Pluto related anecdote. Gone, but not forgotten. We shall always remember you, Pluto!

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