Cupcake Case Flowers

cir3231_MAINThe number one best use for cupcake cases is, of course, for baking delicious cupcakes in. No doubt about that. However i’ve found the second best use. And it’s not even for any form of food stuff, but a thrify and sweet way of decorating!


I think the pictures speak for themselves really but all you need is some pretty cupcake cases and some glue. Especially nice cupcake cases will be a little more expensive than some of the more plain ones but they will definately be less expensive than buying a ready made packet of bunting or decorative bits. However, if you’re being really reeeally budget, buying plain cases and decorating them yourselves is easy enough and you can theme them just how you want.

Get 2 big cases and 2 mini cases and glue them all together. Bosh – flower. Then scatter, sew, stick, pin as you will!



(Via Sweet Paul)

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