Wooden it be nice…

…if all roses looked this awesome forever?

Too purdy for words...

Too purdy for words...

We have extolled the virtues of the humble wooden rose before, but they really are too good be true. And CHEAP! You could go the Elton John route an spend a quarter of a million on fresh flowers for your home and parties every year, but I very much doubt you’d be reading this blog if you had that kind of dosh lying around (although you might get your butler to read it for you…)


Not only are the amazing as home decor, but as you can see from the above, a little bit of creativity can lead you to big party and wedding savings! As much s we all love party favours, who keeps them, really? About half the guests won’t, so you have to question the logic of spending £3 a head on posh chocolates. Combination centrepiece and favours? We’re impressed. Especially by ones that can be prepared ahead of time for pennies!
Don’t be afraid by the prevalence of pink ones by the way – go nuts with colour. As you can see, there are plenty to choose from…
This would cost around £10. Probably. 

This would cost around £10. Probably.

And there are some awesome ideas for arrangement out there, including a few of our own. So go to it! Make cheap-but-beautiful things and bask in their bargainous glory. They are certainly going to be making an apearance at our Midsummer Night’s party x
Love this - got some random useless ornament lying around? Rose it up, baby!

Love this - got some random useless ornament lying around? Rose it up, baby!


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