Clothes Exchange Party!

We’ve all got clothes that we love but  just don’t wear anymore. Remember that emo phase you had last year? What was that about? You LOVE being a prep now. And what the heck was with those rave clothes you purchased?! 

A change in style is particularly evident when you lovely students are clearing out your rooms. Three years is a long time. You’ve changed. You’re not the nerd anymore! You’re into ‘Playboy’ labelled clothes now. So, for all you graduates moving out of your lovely student digs how about this one last hurrah – a Clothes Exchange.


Apparently this type of party has been popular in America for a while now but my obsession with Twiggy led me to discover it last year when she rather fabulously hosted ‘Twiggy’s Frock Exchange’ on the BBC.


Basically, tell all your mates to gather all their awesome spare clothes/bags/jewellery together and then organise a soiree where all of it is displayed. The number of items you bring, equals the number of items you swap. So you bring one measley Miss Selfridge top you got when you were 11, you leave with one item.


How fancy you would like to make this shindig is up to you and your pursestrings? Have no money? Just bring clothes and friends. Have some money to spare? Get in some drinks and grub (I would serve champagne and cupcakes to make it extra glam!).

Helpfully, for us, the BBC have provided start up party packs if you’d like to host your own clothes exchange! It comes with invites and posters (in Welsh too! Big up the wales massive!!) as well as handy tips.  Click HERE to see!

Thrify on the pounds and thrify on the brain power. Thanks BBC!

One response to “Clothes Exchange Party!

  1. This is definitely a trend for women in the United States. It’s a cheap way to get a lot of great looking clothes. Often someone will show up with a unique style that you like and you can get their clothes.

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