Top Five Independence Day Tips

It be Independence Day! Hollaaaa at our cousins across the pond!

"Hope you got airbag. WOOOOO"

"Hope you got airbag. WOOOOO"

Ok, so not THAT particular Independence Day (although when the Aliens *do* come, I’ll be at Will Smith’s house exchanging oneliners for protection) but it’s just as exciting in terms of party potential! And as Americky has been hit pretty hard from the sub prime mortgage market up, we think it’s important they party for pennies. So here be tips!

1. Patriotic Film Marathon

Only Americans have eyes so blue and jaws so strong

Only Americans have eyes so blue and jaws so strong

 The country of Hollywood really has no excuse not to go for this idea. It’s blissfully cheap – you don’t have to buy any DVDs, because between your friends and family you’re BOUND to have them all! The Patriotas seen here almost makes me ashamed to be British, until I remember that Jason Isaacs is *not* a cold blooded murderer and is actually quite hot. Independence Dayis a masterpiece of action that should be studied by all film students in all countries, and is so quotable it hurts. They’ve taken out NORAD btw, OMG. Yankee Doodle Dandy is so musical-kitsch it’s beyond awesome, and everyone loves a singalong. There are bazillions more – pick the ones that mean the most to you for memories!!

Grab some popcorn, one of the most cost-effective foods in the WORLD, stick it in bowls you already own, get everyone to bring a bottle of coke/soda and you’re set for the night. Definitive bargain party.





OK – Three are pretty big fans of subtle yet tasteful colourschemes that permeate every facet of a gathering, but never so much that your guests consciously notice it. Well, screw that. It’s not the time. Go crazy!

The food: strawberries, ketchup, tomatoes, apples, pastasauces & anything else that’s a bit flush. Also, vanilla icecream, mashed potato, chicken and white bread. And the blue – the difficult one – go for anything in a blue wrapper, blue icecreams, blue cheese and blueberries. And enjoy!!

And everything else – theme your crockery, clothes, cushions – anything red, white or blue you already own (and you would be surprised how much you own! Just take a moment to look around the room you’re in…see?!) Everything from the house all condensed into the party space = free party decor. A fun and colourful feel to your party space for free!


3. The Dollar Tree


See the Pound Shop Post. Do it. They have some amazing 4th July stuff in store – you’d be a nutter not to. Get rid of your hang ups and embrace the trailer park!




4. Bring your own fireworks party


Everyone does the “Bring a dish” potluck food party, but if you’re wise you can plan ahead and save a fortune. Fireworks just can’t be skimped on, but you just can’t have an Indy day without them, so it makes a lot more sense for everyone to bring one of those each. Please, please, PLEASE be careful! Havea responsible adult set them off as per instructions! if you want to go really cheap – gather your party as night falls and head for a local display. Better for the environment too!

5. Have a Commiserations Party
teac The laws of commercialism suggest that all American Paraphernalia and stars-and-stripes merchandise will be much more expensive this time of year, so here’s a novel way around it! Celebrate with a British Tea Party and all things blighty – you can even use it in conjunction with the red, white and blue moneysaving idea above! What a winner. Cheap, original, and shows the world you’re a good sport. Happy 4th, America xx

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  1. HOPE you got airbag! WOO!

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