Throw Rubbish at the Bride!

We really are all about recycling this week – and with good reason! This party planet won’t save itself, you know. Fantastic idea we picked up from – recycle your teabag labels! Very often very pretty little tags, and they apparently make the most darling confetti…

PLEASE remember to cut off the bag...

PLEASE remember to cut off the bag...

Tea Tag Confetti could just be the idea of the century! Check it out at Blissbox and get collecting! Don’t just think of these little fellas as wedding missiles either, a varied collection from friends houses, hotels, cafes etc. could make a kitschtastic little mosaic for you anywhere!

Whilst looking for info on this, I rather happily stumbled upon several suggestions for making your own tea tags – very simple, obviously – little bit of paper, folded on the end of the tea bag string. Staple like Twinings or glue if you prefer – the perfect accompaniment to making your own teabag envelopes

I feel a tea party coming on!


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