Rock n Roll all night for diddly squat

Say hello to one of the cheapest fancy dress costumes ever:


A couple of tubes of white face paint and a tube of black face paint between four people = pennies.


Can you tell the difference?! Didn't think so!

This was halloween 2006 when Three were poor, poor students. This was an extremely impromptu yet AWESOME night out and really proved the point that it doesn’t take alot of money to have fun as we’re still talking about this night 3 years later! Plus, it’s always fun to be Kiss (as long as you’re not Peter Criss.  No one wants to be Peter Criss.)

Just abit of inspiration for you on a Wednesday evening….



3 responses to “Rock n Roll all night for diddly squat

  1. This has to be the cheapest fancy dress idea EVER – everyone owns black clothes, and like you said, the face paints between four were less than a pound each. It is a case of 4’s a party mind – we suggest that if you’re just a three, you go for The Blue Man group instead…

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