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Hello Feathers!

Don’t like the idea of the traditional white wedding dress? How about this for a (hugely expensive!) alternative? ….


I think I’m a little in love.  Has anyone got a spare $1.4 million?!

Dress To Impress

I popped into my local Asda yesterday for some much needed coffee for work and as always when I go to a supermarche ‘accidently’ got lost in the clothes section.  

I left with some coffee and two new dresses. WHOOPSIE!! although not so whoopsie as i paid no more than £28 for the lot!!

This inspired me to share with you all my purchases and the reassurance that just because you’ve bought your party frock from a place they sell raw fish don’t mean nothing. You’ll still look a million dollars.  These are the beauties I bought:zzbought!And check out just some of the other goodies (I’m after the one on the right next!) zzwantThe most expensive dress here is a mere £20!! And I’m pretty sure you could find something similar in Topshop being sold for twice the price.

Don’t be ashamed of supermarket love! Embrace the bargains! And spend the remaining cash on the grub and the drinks – no one will notice the dress after a few anyway! 





Dita Von Fabulous

I have just been trawling t’internet for boredom fixes, and I rediscovered possibly my favourite wedding picture ever…

Wow. Just wow.

Wow. Just wow.

So the marriage didn’t last, but my god, Dita will always have this fashion wonderment. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t cheap; Vivienne Westwood rarely is. What she is, however, is the rebellious answer to Vera Wang’s white-and-poofy wedding dress traditionalism, and this plum perfection is nothing if not unique. It pays to be bold sometimes, girlies …

Top Five Party Favours

When Three were wee little socialites, the best bit of going to a party was going home, because a tired and teary birthday sprog would be lined up next to Mum at the door to hand out the gift bags! Result. Ugly hair slides, cheap gummy sweets and 2 crayons – what more does a child need for happiness?!

Where's my goodybag, bitch?!
Where’s my goodybag, bitch?!

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DIY Wedding Dress

Bed sheets arn’t just good for ghost costumes, you know.

Let’s take some inspiration from Kristen and Josh who had a wedding full of handmade things from the people they love.

Her wedding dress started off like this:

Sheet / Ghost
Sheet / Ghost

And after some rather skilled sewing… 

A stitch in time...

A stitch in time...

Turned into this gorgeous creation!



Who says you need to spend a fortune on a dress? All you need is a bed sheet (if you’re feeling fancy, go poking around in a vintage shop for a lovely antique one) and some mad stitch-ery skills and voila!  Thrifty, original and gorgeous.
Want to see more? Here’s the link:
(I will learn how to hyperlink eventually. Promise)

Obama Wedding



How lovely is this picture?!
Not sure the Obama wedding was a budget affair, but we can all look and swoon.
(Via ‘Gangsta Bride’) 

Cake of the Week #2 – Seaside Cakes

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Ok, so the weather may have turned on us short term, but British summer time has officially started and in true credit crunch style, Brits are going to be heading for the beaches in their droves. Why not have a birthday beach party, and a cake to match?


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Video Invitations

So apparently, video invitations are what all the cool engaged kids are doing nowadays. Who knew?! Although what a great idea – it saves wasted money on the printing!

The invite below is extremely ambitious and makes me feel a little faint with the obscene amount of work it must have taken but isn’t it fabulous!!

Multi-Coloured FIRE!

Think multicoloured flames are only to be found in Hogwarts? Think again, you little wizarding wannabes!

Angel Flames

Angel Flames

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