Cake of the Week #4 – Funny Bunnies

In honour of our partner-in-crime, former housemate, Crooshal Croo Co-founder, dear friend and bunny lover Hoopdawg, this week’s cake of the week theme be lop eared and bucktoothed…Magic_Hat_Cupcakes_2

There are many facets to Kate Hooper, just as there are many facets to rabbit cakes. Which is handy when you’re picture hunting. These fluffy cuties should not be limited to easter as far as we can see – they make an excellent “cute” cake all year round! And in true bargain spirit, here’s how to make your own from two standard sponges rather than spending a fortune on a rabbit-shaped tin or, heaven forbid, a professional…









For more on how to, visit the awesome Candyaddict website!

And just for some more cute overloadage, here come the famous bunnies…


Bugsy – the king, of course. Those carrots would take an age, though…


Cute, yes, but a little bit wonky? That aswell…


Not cute, but naughty. Bad rabbit!!

Happy birthday, Hoopdawg. We love ya!


2 responses to “Cake of the Week #4 – Funny Bunnies

  1. I hope that was actually carrot cake.

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