Nature’s Bounty

Ahhhhh! Flowers! There’s nothing like flowers to brighten up a day – unless, like me, you are a hayfever sufferer. They tend to fug up a day rather than brighten it. Still, hayfever couldn’t have got ay worse yesterday when I was out walking the dog, so I thought “Allergens be damned” and went flower hunting. And lookit!


Most people have gardens, and very often flowers like these growing hareum scareum would be uprooted like weeds, but Three say no! Put them in a vase to brighten your dining table, or pick them for your sweetheart.


God knows what these flowers are – but who cares? The fireplace in many homes can look a bit bare come its summer redundancy, and some flowers can bring it to life. Hugely adaptable little decoration for any gathering – and you should NEVER underestimate the vale of giving someone a bunch of blooming beauties that you have taken the time to pick yourself – shows a lot more care than a bunch of white lillies from Tesco, we reckon…
It is worth noting, however, that wildflowers are the property of the owner of the land they are growing on, and to pick them without the landowner’s consent is technically theft. Your options, therefore, are:
1) Pick flowers from your own garden (duh)
2) Get permission from the landowner

By this law, mind, I was stealing from my primary school whenever I made a daisy chain, and when a young man picks a Bluebell for his sweetheart he too is becoming a degenerate criminal. Use your noggin is the best advice, I think. There’s a patch of grass at the back of my house that in summer the council mow every 10 minutes it seems – if there is some aesthetically pleasing flora and/or fauna scattered about, is there really any harm in removing said flowers to be put to good use, rather than seeing them mown down in cold chlorophyl?!

It’s a wishy washy subject of debate. Like I said – use your common sense, and pillage your own garden if you can!

Disclaimer: Three do not condone criminal activity of any kind, including theft. Unless you’re stealing towel stationary from the office, a towel from a hotel or the limelight at a party – these kinds of theft are mandatory in our eyes.

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