Design your own Party Dress!

But without all the fuss! Put away your tailoring scissors and leave the sewing machine under its cover – three have found the answer to your prayers – the kind of prayers offered up on a shopping trip when you know *exactly* what you want to wear to that houseparty, but you can’t find it anywhere…


I have just spent my lunchhour on pretending to be Vivienne Westwood. Ok, so I’m not as cool and edgy, but I still had one hell of a lot of fun! You can do long, short, sleeves, no sleeves, daring plunge neckline or demure shoulder to shoulder modesty – it’s AMAZING!


And honestly, it doesn’t break the bank! The dresses are generally around the £50 mark, but that’s with control of fabric, colour, build, accessories, trimmings and even how many box pleats you have and where. And you never have to worry about being caught in a “oh my god, she’s wearing the same dress as me!” panic attack. GENIUS!


Think you can do better?! I’m pretty sure you can, to be honest. It’s free, quick and easy to sign up, and you can have hours of fun playing with puffball skirts and gypsie sleeves. Send us your designs, and we may just post the best!

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